Transcription Vendor Clerk in Houston, TX at Parallon

Date Posted: 7/24/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Job Summary

Monitors outsourced transcription service activities to ensure contractual service levels are met. Performs clerical activities related to internal as well as transcription staff and processes transcription HPF/MPF and MEDITECH workflow queue assignments.


Duties (included but not limited to):

  • Assists the Transcription Lead in reviewing the quality and turnaround time of external transcription vendor services.
  • Performs daily NMI interface monitoring which includes resolving any errors or rejections to MEDITECH Order Entry reports crossing the gateway between the vendor and MEDITECH and HPF/MPF.
  • Corrects report demographics as needed to ensure all necessary patient data is included on the provider reports.
  • Troubleshoots report distribution processes as needed which includes but is not limited to MEDITECH connections and failed faxes.
  • Reviews multiple times daily the pended/orphan queue reports assigned by the vendor to resolve missing ADT data to release to MEDITECH and HPF/MPF.
  • Adds new authors to the vendor system to allow providers to access and dictate.
  • Corrects text, work type, author, and any other report corrections as needed to ensure HPF and MEDITECH workflow is not compromised and interface integrity is maintained as well as the accuracy of the medical record prior to reports being authenticated by a provider.
  • Monitors and works MEDITECH and other system interface report rejection queues and edit routines as required.
  • Responds to requests and other inquiries from customers for items such as: correcting account numbers on reports, work types, trending of dictation by provider, etc..
  • Changes priority of job in vendor system and communicates change to vendor’s customer service as well as informing facility of the job priority change.
  • Performs searches for reports not received from external vendors that the provider indicates have been completed but may have been dictated and corrects as identified (HPF missing queue).
  • Performs the identification and/ or remediation of MEDITECH report issues such as cancelled, amended, or edited reports to ensure the integrity of the legal health record.
  • Reviews OE Transactions for the following Invalid Department, Invalid Report, Missing Status, different account number, report ID already used by MRI#, and unable to edit a signed report.
  • Common error messages to be reviewed and resolved are: invalid transcriptionist, invalid dictated by field, invalid patient account number, invalid medical record number, duplicate report ID, and duplicate report ID updated with patient identified,
  • Performs missing account number searches in MEDITECH Order Entry to ensure no reports are missed from the patient’s medical record.
  • Promptly reports problems with transcription vendor services or equipment at the hospitals to Transcription Manager.
  • Assists in the review of second signature process to ensure the correct signatures are being placed on the applicable report.
  • Works with HPF Technical Analyst to ensure the user is set up correctly in the User Provider Table and with the transcription vendor to allow for signature and editing by the midlevel prior to authentication by the physician.
  • Works with HPF/MPF Technical Analyst to resolve any errors populating the Signature Exception Queue.
  • Monitors the HPF Text Edited documents queue to ensure issue is resolved.
  • Practices and adheres to the "Code of Conduct" philosophy and "Mission and Value Statement."
  • Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements


 High school diploma or equivalency preferred



 Previous Health Information Management experience preferred or equivalent experience in a medical office/facility

 Previous office experience required