Pharmacy Technician Specialist in Atlantis, FL at Parallon

Date Posted: 5/30/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Job Summary – The Pharmacy Technician Specialist is responsible for accurately performing advanced and basic pharmacy technician functions in a timely manner. In addition, they are responsible for performing duties associated with Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs), other specialized duties and/or leadership roles as assigned by the pharmacy management team.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities (included but not limited to):

  • Identifies critical issues, prioritize workload and communicate to appropriate personnel any issues in a timely manner
  • Completes all education requirements and/or other activities needed to maintain competency
  • Complies with facility policy and procedures and regulatory requirements
  • Interacts in person and by phone with hospital personnel politely and appropriately.
  • Accurately maintains and coordinates required documentation logs
  • Provide direction and training to other technicians as assigned.
  • Assists in the supervision of other technicians to ensure that policies and procedures and regulatory requirements are uniformly and consistently followed.
  • Responsible for maintaining medication storage and security as per regulatory requirements throughout the organization
  • Accurately performs audits (i.e. anesthesia, overrides, billing, etc.) as assigned.
  • Performs and monitors compliance for quality control and performance improvement functions as assigned
  • Accurately performs and documents monthly medication storage area inspections as assigned
  • Performs and supervises other technicians for administrative billing functions as assigned
  • Completes and monitors OR charges in a timely manner as assigned
  • Assists the pharmacists in clinical reviews as assigned (i.e. medication reconciliation, triaging reports, etc).
  • Performs Technician scheduling as assigned
  • Accurately performs required calculations
  • Accurately and safely compounds and label medications and parenteral admixtures
  • Always utilizes aseptic techniques in the preparation of parenteral compounding
  • Compliant with all USP 797 daily/monthly requirements (i.e. cleaning laminar airflow cabinets and biological safety cabinets, wearing personal protective equipment, etc.)
  • Always obtains a final check from the pharmacist before releasing any prepared parenteral compounds, before packaging any medication, or dispensing any medication
  • Prepares and monitors all work records needed for day at their designated times including the Discontinued, Transfers, and Discharges Lists of parenteral preparations and efficiently processes these reports before they are dispensed to the patient care areas
  • Compounds chemotherapy preparation per established protocol
  • Ensures that medications and other pharmacy supplies are accurately transported in a timely manner to appropriate areas
  • Accurately fills orders in the pharmacy
  • Ensures that medication returns are consistently and timely restocked in the pharmacy.
  • Automated Dispensing Cabinet (ADC) Super User/Trainer
  • Performing daily ADC routines as assigned (i.e. restocks, outdates, discrepancy resolution, loading and unloading, etc.) and provides oversight of these activities for appropriate inventory management
  • Coordinates and communicates with the appropriate support personnel. Performs trouble shooting (see tech II) and addresses all problems appropriately
  • Assist in education of new pharmacy ADC users and serve as a resource to both pharmacy and nursing staff for problems and/or questions.
  • Manages the ADC’s formulary for new medications. Will communicate with individual ADC users when errors are made and re-educate as to correct procedures.
  • Adjusts ADC Max and Par appropriately using everyday usage as well as quarterly Rx Auditor
  • Removes Medications from ADC appropriately due to non-usage
  • Utilizes the Medications Not Loaded report to load appropriate Medications in ADC . Manages user database
  • ADC Expiration Audits – enforces policy to reduce waste/expirations
  • Assists with narcotic ordering and maintains inventory as assigned
  • NarcStation/CII Safe Expiration Audits – Works with purchaser and Director of Pharmacy
  • NarcStation/CII Safe- Load/Unload Audits – Audits records to make sure NarcStation is being utilized appropriately
  • Narcotic Discrepancy Audits – Investigates Discrepancies to determine if true discrepancy and completes Audit sheets and/or incidence reports as appropriate.
  • Upload ADC data for data management software/diversion surveillance/ADC optimization
  • Replenishes ADCs, emergency cart trays and floor stock accurately and as needed
  • Establish and maintain daily batch reports
  • Monitor ADT activities and appropriately correct any problems
  • Accurately packages and prepares medications for dispensing as assigned
  • Appropriately and timely notifies the pharmacy inventory manager/buyer of products that need to be reordered.
  • Complies and supervises ongoing processes to monitor outdates as per policy and procedures
  • Performs receiving and check in of medication/supply orders as defined in policy and notifies the pharmacy inventory manager/buyer of any shortages, overages or product damage.
  • Manages drug supplies in a cost effective manner and identifies opportunities to minimize waste.
  • Performs the role of the Inventory Manager/buyer when that person is not available or as assigned.
  • Works with Inventory Manager, IV room and utilizes EXP reports to reduce expirations and waste in the ADC
  • Identifies, analyzes and evaluates data from a variety of sources as assigned.
  • Perform other duties as assigned
  • Practice and adhere to the “ Code of Conduct” philosophy and “Mission and Value Statement” 

Job Requirements

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Demonstrate understanding of a broad knowledge base incorporating some theoretical concepts
  • Apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems
  • Applies and performs a range of well developed and specialized skills and identifies knowledge areas to a wide variety of contexts with depth in some areas
  • Identify, analyze and evaluate information from a variety of sources
  • Take responsibility for own outputs in relation to specified quality standards
  • Take responsibility for the achievement of group outcomes

  • High School Diploma or equivalent required
  • Associate or Bachelor degree preferred

  • Minimum of 3 years of hospital experience
  • Supervisor experience preferred


  • National Certification (CPhT) required
  • Active Registered pharmacy technician, as per State requirements, in good standing with the appropriate State Board of Pharmacy

PHYSICAL DEMANDS/WORKING CONDITIONS – Requires prolonged sitting, some bending, stooping and stretching. Requires eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity sufficient to operate a keyboard, photocopier, telephone, calculator and other office equipment. Requires normal range of hearing and eyesight to record, prepare and communicate appropriate reports. Requires lifting papers or boxes up to 50 pounds occasionally. May be exposed to toxic/caustic/chemicals/detergents. Work is performed in a hospital (pharmacy, nursing units, etc.) Work may be stressful at times. Contact may involve dealing with angry or upset people. Staff must remain flexible and available to provide staffing assistance for any/all disaster or emergency situations.

OSHA CATEGORY – The normal work routine involves no exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues (although situations can be imagined or hypothesized under which anyone, anywhere, might encounter potential exposure to body fluids). Persons who perform these duties are not called upon as part of their employment to perform or assist in emergency care or first aid, or to be potentially exposed in some other way.